At Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC, we know that your tree removal and maintenance projects can be overwhelming; and you have many questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients.

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FAQs On Campbell’s Tree Services

No. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, checks or CashApp.

Yes, 100%. We also will never accept p payment until the job is complete. 

When should I consider removing a tree?

  • Trees in Bad Location: Any tree that poses a threat to your home or property is reason enough to have it removed. We have seen healthy trees come down in light winds. A tree planted too close to a structure (house, office, garage, sidewalks, driveways, etc.) can topple over or falling branches can puncture a roof or cause structural damage. Extending roots can pose a serious threat to foundations, driveways and sidewalks, or underground utilities.
  • Dead Trees: A dead tree does nothing for your landscape and can easily become a hazard. Dead trees will with large branches may fall with the slightest breeze. Pests and insects love dead trees. Dead trees are a liability and should be removed.
  • Damaged and Messy Looking Trees: Damaged trees are unattractive and kill the curb appeal of your home or business storefront. If the tree is severely damaged or looks too messy and cannot be saved, then get rid of it and replant.
  • Nuisance Trees: Trees spoiling your view or blocking out too much sunlight could be considered for removal. Trees can also shade the landscape so much that the property owner cannot grow the desired plants or inhibiting a good-looking lawn. Trees dropping branches, seeds, sap, etc.
  • Infected Trees: Trees infested with insects or diseases that cannot be saved should be removed. It is possible that they can spread infectious diseases to surrounding trees and shrubs/plants.
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General FAQs on Tree Removal and Service?