Tree Removal Services

Dependable and Local Tree Removal Professionals!

Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC is a local tree removal company capable of removing any size tree in any condition, safely and effectively. We specialize in hazardous tree removal for residential and commercial clients, where restricted access that prevents the use of standard equipment. Steve Campbell is an expert tree climber with over 25 years’ experience cutting down trees under hazardous or challenging conditions.

Although beautiful trees add curb appeal and increase the value of your property, some trees must be removed. There are several reasons for this; visit our FAQs page and read “When should I consider removing a tree?” – click here

Follow Latest Industry Standards and ANSI Specifications

During the tree removal process, our licensed tree removal technicians use special tools and follow the latest industry standards and ANSI specifications to remove unwanted trees. They are experienced and know how to remove a tree carefully and effectively without causing destruction to your buildings and landscape.

In certain situations, Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC will employ the use of a crane to remove large trees. The crane enables us to safely lift the tree over any existing structures and control the descent to minimizing further damage to your residential or commercial property.  This also greatly minimizes the risk of damage or injury to us and your property.  In addition, we will often use chippers, towable man lifts, stump grinders, and a range of other tools to guarantee a clean, safe, and hassle-free job.

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Your Tree Removal Service Options

Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC provides residential and commercial clients with the tree removal service options listed below.  Your project might require selecting several tree removal service options depending on what needs to be done

Tree Topping Service

Tree Topping involves cutting off the top of a tree; or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of the tree. Tree topping is a drastic removal process that leaves large, open wounds which subject the tree to disease and decay. Not only does tree topping diminishes the tree’s overall aesthetics, but it could have a serious negative impact on the structural integrity of the tree.

Tree Felling Service

Tree felling involves cutting a standing tree and dropping it safely in the place we direct it to land.

Tree Stumping Service

Tree Stumping includes cutting off the remaining trunk close to ground level.

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Stump Grinding Service

Stump Grinding Service includes grinding the stump to six inches below ground level. You can request deeper grinding. This will raise the stump grinding price and is subject to environmental conditions. By adding soil to fill the hole left by stump grinding, you can grow plants or grass where the tree once stood. We will give you a better price on the stump grinding when done at the same time as tree removal. However, we can do it later if called for.

Destumping Service

Destumping includes removing the complete stump along with the root ball of the tree. Depending on the tree, we might need special tools and it could take a long time to do it. For further information, referred to our FAQ “Is it better to grind a stump or remove it? – click here.

Hazardous Tree Removal Service

Hazardous Tree Removal involves removing a tree under unsafe or difficult working conditions and chunking is needed.  Chunking involves taking a tree down piece by piece. This is done by an expert tree climber or using a bucket truck if possible.

Emergency Tree Removal Service

You can request Emergency Tree Removal to get rid of a tree on short notice. Usually before or after a major storm or if required for other reasons. Depending on the circumstances, this service could come at a premium.

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Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC is licensed and insured and can be trusted with all your tree removal needs. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, contact us today for a tree removal estimate. Please complete our Request a Tree Removal Estimate form that also allows you to upload photos – click here. Alternatively, call us at (910) 580-2646 or complete our regular contact us form – click here.

Tree Maintenance Services

Reliable Residential and Commercial Tree Care!

Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC based Rocky Point, North Carolina provides professional residential and commercial tree care. We perform both tree service techniques at different times of the year using different tools and equipment.  Our staff is well trained in tree trimming and pruning techniques and standards for all types of trees. To read more about tree trimming and tree pruning visit our FAQ page – click here.

Why Tree Maintenance/Care?

When left alone, trees easily become out of control with branches growing in all directions. Besides from your property looking awful, you run the risk of property damage or personal injury caused by breaking or falling branches. Tree maintenance is one of best things you can do for your trees. Proper tree maintenance/care is an investment in the long-term health of your trees, the overall look of your property, and the safety of people on the premises.

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The objectives of tree maintenance/care are to:

  • Increase the esthetic appearance of a tree by controlling its shape, size, and thickness. Enhance flowering and foliage. Safety-remove dead or dying limbs.
  • Improve the structural integrity of a tree and control its growth.
  • Control tree infections by cutting off infected branches to avoid the whole tree from being infected and destroyed.
  • Increase tree health by removing overcrowded branches that prevents light penetration, air circulation, and proper nutrition. Eliminating extra branches also limits the forming of breeding places for tree diseases. Minimize the effects of weather on the health of a tree.
  • Reduce potential damages and safety hazards caused falling branches and clearance from structures, service wires, etc.
  • Improve the health of your landscape by trimming excessively dense trees to allow essential sunlight and moisture to reach adjoining trees, shrubs, and grasses within your landscape.
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Your Tree Maintenance Options

Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC provides three tree maintenance options:

Preventive Tree Maintenance Service

Preventive Tree Maintenance is an essential part of your landscape maintenance program. Our customized and structured preventive tree maintenance programs are geared to your specific tree trimming/pruning needs and your budget. It is offered on an annual basis.

Corrective Tree Maintenance Service

Corrective Tree Maintenance is carried out on an ad-hoc basis as requested by the property or business owner. The scope of work could be geared to achieve any of the objectives outlined above.

Hurricane Preparedness Tree Service

Hurricane Preparedness include tree trimming before the hurricane season to eliminate the overburden of clean-up and removal of debris after the storm.   This also involves strategically trimming branches and limbs for canopy reduction and to reduce wind resistance.

Ancillary Services Offered By
Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC

Storm Cleanup Service

Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC is a professional, licensed, and insured storm damage cleanup and debris removal contractor that helps our residential and commercial clients to make their  landscape looking beautiful again. We are fully capable to remove fallen trees and trim damaged trees safely. In addition, we will clean up your property and clear away debris. We have the necessary equipment and specialized knowledge needed to safely and cost effectively remove storm damage debris and haul away large amounts thereof.

We strongly urge you to leave storm cleanup work to the professionals since it can be extremely dangerous, especially with downed trees and power lines. Property damage and personal injury can be caused by the breaking or falling of broken or hanging tree limbs and branches without warning.

Whether you are a property developer, owner or manager, Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC will take care of storm/hurricane cleanup and debris removal needs, eliminating risks and getting the job done. Call us for an expedited storm cleanup estimate at (910) 580-2646 or complete the Contact Us form – Click here.

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General Tractor Work

‘Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC is responsive to the needs of our residential and commercial clients. While on tree service projects, we had several requests for small general tractor work jobs. Having all equipment needed on site, it was easy to accommodate them. We offer limited general tractor work at reasonable rates to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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Landscape Tractor Service

Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC’s Landscape Tractor Service includes:

  • Harrowing Work:  Harrowing to turn over and break up soil up for gardening. Also mixing organic matter into the soil.
  • Grading Work: Grading to level surface for landscaping.
  • Raking Work: Raking to remove stones, roots, debris, and leaves; spread topsoil quickly and evenly; and mulch.

Driveway Tractor Service

The Driveway Tractor Service of Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC includes the construction or repairing of gravel driveways, walkways, and parking areas. It also covers preparing other small areas for pavers, concrete slabs, etc. We excavate, grade, edge, smooth, and pack the gravel area, depending what tasks is takes to accomplish the project. In addition, we also crown the area to allow for proper drainage when needed. We use ABC (Aggregate Base Coarse) gravel, which is rock mulch used for a road base compaction material or used as a sub-base under concrete or asphalt.

Hauling Service

This service is not offered as a standalone service but to help our clients when we onsite for other projects. Our hauling Services include the delivery of topsoil, gravel, and mulch to your property and the removal of organic debris from your property. Let us know if you require this service when estimating your other work.

Let Campbell’s Tree Service, LLC take care of your Storm Cleanup Service, General Tractor Work, and Hauling efficiently.  Call us for a complimentary estimate at (910) 580-2646 or complete the Contact Us form. 

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